Photo gallery 2: my patients


Puzzle was hit by a car in 2014 and suffered multiple, severe pelvic fractures including fracturing both hip sockets and dislocating her right hip. She fortunately escaped neurologic damage. Because she weighs only 7 pounds, she has had a fairly normal, active life and is able to run and jump. As she gets older, though, she has developed severe arthritis. She is currently being treated with weight control, anti-inflammatories, 3 chronic pain medications, Adequan injections, omega-3 fatty acids, joint health supplements, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and laser therapy. Puzzle is a happy, friendly little dog and is beloved by all who meet her. Without management of her chronic pain she would no longer be with us and the world would be a sadder place without this Little Miss Sunshine.


Daphne was born in 2019 and is an energetic, athletic young dog. She enjoys doing rehab exercises and they help keep her at the peak of her game, maximizing her strength and flexibility.


Ruger was born with a wonderful disposition and terrible knees and hips (and eyes, but the ophthalmologist takes care of those). By the time he was 5 years old he had severe arthritis pain in both knees and both hips, to the point that his owners were considering euthanasia. A combination of chiropractic adjustments, hydrotherapy in his family’s swimming pool, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, Adequan injections, and chronic pain medications have kept him comfortable enough to enjoy his life. We have also recently added laser therapy for his sore back muscles (that back does a lot of work as he shifts weight from his sore hind limbs to his front limbs!) and his owner feels it has helped.

Ruger pursuing his favorite hobby, chasing balls in the pool.

Amazing slo-mo snowball catch!


Anna is a happy natured girl with an unbelievable zest for life and chicken treats. She was born in 2006, making her 16 at the time of this post. Anna’s owner kept her slim and active all her life, probably part of the reason she didn’t have significant arthritis pain until late in life. It has finally caught up with her, though, and we have moved from monthly chiropractic adjustments to maintain good alignment to every-other-week adjustments and laser therapy. Anna is also on anti-inflammatories, 2 chronic pain medications, Adeuqan injections, and as-needed muscle relaxers. Her owner keeps a careful eye on her quality of life, but Anna is still mentally sharp, interested in the world around her, and super excited about any chance of food. As long as she’s enjoying her life, I will help keep her as comfortable as I can.

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