Bringing comfort to pets in their homes

At Climbing Rose Veterinary Services, I want your pets to feel good at every age.

  • Arthritis management can include physical rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, and/or laser therapy as well as medications, supplements, and referrals for complementary treatments like acupuncture and massage.
  • Physical rehabilitation helps animals recover quickly and fully from injuries and surgeries, and helps maintain strength and comfort in old age.
  • Chiropractic adjustments help sore animals feel better and healthy animals feel great.
  • Laser therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation and speed up healing. Best of all, dogs usually enjoy it and they look adorable in their Doggles.
  • Hospice care keeps your pet comfortable at the end of their life. I also offer in-home euthanasia as part of my hospice program.

Climbing Rose offers house calls only; I have no brick-and-mortar clinic.