We bring comfort to your pet.

1-DSC_1025At Climbing Rose Veterinary Services, we want your pets to feel good at every age, which is why we bring chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, and hospice care for your pets to your home.

  • chiropractic care helps painful animals feel better and healthy animals feel great
  • physical rehabilitation helps animals recover more quickly and fully from injuries and surgeries, and helps maintain strength and comfort in old age
  • hospice care helps keep your pet comfortable at the end of their life without the stress of trips to the vet clinic

Chiropractic visits include: chiropractic exam and adjustment. Chiropractic care keeps athletes at the top of their game, and helps house pets feel good and move smoothly throughout their lives. It helps injured animals recover and arthritic animals feel more comfortable.

Physical rehabilitation visits include: medical exam, gait analysis, chiropractic adjustment if needed/desired, and exercises to help your pet recover strength and mobility. We will also teach you exercises to do at home to speed your pet’s recovery if you are willing and able to perform them.

Hospice visits include: a medical exam, any nursing care your pet needs, and any new medications or treatments that might help your pet feel better. This can include giving fluids or medications, wound care/bandage changes, and helping with feeding, bathing, and shaving mats. Hospice visits can also include chiropractic adjustments, nail trims, or physical rehabilitation. We will work with your regular veterinarian to keep them informed of your pet’s situation and make sure they are comfortable with our treatment plan. We also perform in-home euthanasia as part of our hospice program.

All types of visits can occur as frequently or rarely as needed, depending on your pet’s situation.

Climbing Rose is an exclusively mobile practice. All of our visits are house calls; we have no brick-and-mortar clinic.