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Photo by: Alyssa Filkins (
Photo by: Alyssa Filkins (

I work with you to provide the best care for your patients. I don’t offer well care or general medicine and am not in competition with you. My services are complementary to yours. I provide specialty services (rehab, chiropractic). I offer hospice care which in my observation means that pets in their last few weeks of life get care; otherwise it is a time when many owners stop bringing their pets to the vet because they know ehe end is near and don’t want to stress their pet. And I offer in-home euthanasia, which is too time consuming for most general practices to manage.

Physical rehabilitation:  We all know the value of physical rehabilitation in human medicine, but it is underused in veterinary medicine. It helps animals recover more quickly and fully from injuries or surgeries, and that’s a good outcome for all of us. I am a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner . I can visit your post-surgical or post-trauma patients in their own homes and design exercise programs to help them get back to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A note on rehab: Post-op rehab is best begun within the first few days after surgery. I will never do anything that would endanger your surgery site, but gentle massage distal to the site to reduce edema, checking the incision if it is not covered by a bandage,  TENS for pain relief, icing, and showing owners how to gently start passive range-of-motion exercises are very appropriate within 1-2 days of surgery, and will help your patients recover faster and more fully.

Hospice care: Animals that benefit from in-home hospice care include cats with chronic renal failure, large breed dogs with severe arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, or other mobility problems, animals with cancer, and many others. I can give injectable medications like cerenia or SQ fluids, tend and rebandage wounds, collect blood or urine for labwork, check blood pressure, assist with grooming needs (shaving mats and bottoms of feet, trimming nails), help clients get big dogs outside and inside, adjust medications, recommend follow-up care, and evaluate and discuss quality of life.

Chiropractic care: Chiropractic care helps ensure that the musculoskeletal system is working at its best. It can benefit animals of any age, from puppies and kittens to the elderly, and it can benefit the healthy as well as the ill. Animals with lameness or stiffness may be especially helped by it. When my own dog was old and arthritic, she obviously benefited from monthly chiropractic visits. It was this that inspired me to seek advanced training in chiropractic. I completed the 240 hour Animal Chiropractic course offered by the Animal Chiropractic Education Source and am certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Euthanasia: I offer in-home euthanasia when that time comes. I have been complimented by many clients on my peaceful and compassionate euthanasias.  I typically give IM sedation followed by euthasol. I use Euthabags for pet body transport to help increase the dignity of the process. I offer both mass and individual cremation through Climbing Rose (provided by Athens Pet Cremation) or I can transport a pet’s body to their regular vet for cremation.

Fees: My fee structure is based on a flat fee for each kind of appointment (chiropractic, rehabilitation, hospice, or euthanasia) with a housecall charge determined by distance travelled. Medications dispensed or labwork incur additional fees. If you would like an estimate to give to a client, please get in touch.

I am always happy to talk to other veterinarians about ways I can help them. Please call or email me with any questions: 706-489-0295,, or you can fill out the form below.

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