Always in our hearts


Puzzle was hit by a car in 2014 and suffered multiple, severe pelvic fractures including fracturing both hip sockets and dislocating her right hip. She fortunately escaped neurologic damage. Because she weighed only 7 pounds, she had a fairly normal, active life and was able to run and jump. As she got older, though, she developed severe arthritis. She was treated with weight control, anti-inflammatories, 3 chronic pain medications, Adequan injections, omega-3 fatty acids, joint health supplements, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and laser therapy. Puzzle was a happy, friendly little dog who was beloved by all who met her. Without management of her chronic pain she would have had a much shorter life. The world is a sadder place without this Little Miss Sunshine.


Anna was a happy natured girl with an unbelievable zest for life and chicken treats. She was born in 2006 and lived to be 16. Anna’s owner kept her slim and active all her life, which was probably part of the reason she didn’t have significant arthritis pain until late in life. It finally caught up with her, though, and we moved from monthly chiropractic adjustments to maintain good alignment to every-other-week adjustments. Anna eventually ended up on anti-inflammatories, 2 chronic pain medications, Adequan injections, and as-needed muscle relaxers. Until her last few days Anna was still mentally sharp, interested in the world around her, and super excited about any chance of food. As long as she enjoyed her life, I helped keep her as comfortable as I could.


Larry was born in 2001 and was an indoor/outdoor cat his whole life. Even in his last few years, he would travel an impressive distance around the neighborhood each day, as his owner knew because he wore a GPS tracking collar. Until the advent of Solensia, arthritis pain was difficult to treat in cats, but Larry was on monthly Adequan injections and we tried laser. He lived just long enough to see Solensia come out and get a dose of it before he passed away from unrelated causes.


I first started seeing Abby for physical rehabilitation in 2020 after she had knee surgery. She had a history of being an anxious dog and we initially had to muzzle her for her rehab appointments. Most dogs enjoy rehab, though (it involves a lot of treats!) and after a few weeks she didn’t need the muzzle anymore. I ended up seeing Abby for the rest of her life; she was already an older dog when I met her and we continued with rehab, chiropractic, and laser to help with her hip and knee arthritis. She had a sensitive system and didn’t tolerate medications well, but she loved having her back lasered and often fell asleep during treatments. I loved overcoming Abby’s fears and becoming someone she was happy to see.

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